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Tech Editing

I’m a huge believer in communication. If something doesn’t make sense to me, or I find a mistake it would take billable time for me, as the editor, to correct, I’ll reach out and ask you about it. If I make a change you disagree with, you can ignore it or ask me why I made that suggestion. Editing is a conversation. Always.

I edit knitting patterns. I’m familiar enough with basic crochet to edit patterns that contain crochet elements, but I'm not qualified to edit crochet-only patterns.


I completed the tech editing course from The Tech Editor Hub in 2022. I’ve been knitting for 30 years, and I’ve written my own patterns and worked with tech editors as a client. I also have experience editing novels and working as a writing tutor.


  • Technical editing, including layout, clarity and accuracy, checking charts and math, spelling and grammar, and working from or creating a Style Sheet.

  • Creating charts or schematics.

  • Grading on a pattern by pattern basis.


I work in Microsoft Word with Track Changes and Comments.

I'll send you a document explaining how to get the most out of this method when we begin.


I can edit on PDFs if the client insists, but it takes about twice as long (which costs you twice as much).


My rate is $30/hour. I'll give you an estimate of how many hours I think a pattern will take me when I receive it. If, once work has begun, I think I'm going to exceed that time, I will contact you, explain why, and ask whether you want me to continue.

Hire Me

Thanks! You'll hear back from me soon.

"It was so interesting.  I knew exactly what I wanted to say, but it was so enlightening for me to see how someone else could interpret it. ...this is definitely the most in-depth edit I have ever had done!!!"
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