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Tech Editing

I’m a huge believer in communication. If something doesn’t make sense to me, or I find a mistake it would take billable time for me, as the editor, to correct, I’ll reach out and ask you about it. If I make a change you disagree with, you can ignore it or ask me why I made that suggestion. Editing is a conversation. Always.

I edit knitting patterns. I’m familiar enough with basic crochet to edit patterns that contain crochet elements, but I'm not qualified to edit crochet-only patterns.


I completed the tech editing course from The Tech Editor Hub in 2022 and started editing. I’ve been knitting for 30 years, and I’m a knitwear designer who has worked with multiple tech editors as a client. I also have experience editing novels and working as a writing tutor.


  • Technical editing, including layout, clarity and accuracy, checking charts and math, spelling and grammar, and working from or creating a Style Sheet.

  • Creating charts or schematics.

  • Grading on a pattern by pattern basis.


I work in Google Docs with Track Changes and Comments.


You "own" the document and share it with me. I'll go through it and email you when I'm done.

If I have larger questions or need clarification, I will email you mid-edit.

Once I've edited it, you can go through and accept or reject changes, consider comments, etc.

If you want me to do another pass, let me know and I'll be happy to look it over again.


My rate is $40/hour. I'll give you an estimate of how many hours I think a pattern will take me when I receive it. If, once work has begun, I think I'm going to exceed that time, I will contact you, explain why, and ask whether you want me to continue.

Hire Me

Thanks! You'll hear back from me soon.

"It was so interesting.  I knew exactly what I wanted to say, but it was so enlightening for me to see how someone else could interpret it. ...this is definitely the most in-depth edit I have ever had done!!!"
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